Poly-Triplex Industries, LLC.

One Hundred Years of structural integrity
providing a legacy of protection.
20 Year Warranty
Poly-Triplex Industries, LLC. provides the most comprehensive and insured warranty in the industry. Poly-Triplex Liners are time Howed and proven to solve the problems of deterioration and infiltration, not just temporarily mask the problem. Poly-Triplex products have proven to protect and preserve our infrastructure with unprecedented success at a fraction of the cost of competitive products compared over a 20 year period.

The Poly-Triplex product has experienced unparalleled success for 20 Years

Warranty: Up to 20-Year Materials and 10-Year Labor
in the Wastewater and Stormwater Environment

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Product Applications
Municipalities, engineering firms and transportation departments throughout the United States and Canada rely on our multi-layered, structural lining system for permanent rehabilitation.

Manhole RehabilitationPump Station Rehabilitation
Catch Basin RehabilitationCulvert Pipe Rehabilitation

Three+ Layer Protection 3+ Layer Protection
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Catch Basins




Large Diameter Pipe


Pump Stations

Stormwater Pipes

With more than 30,000 psi flexural strength the cured in place Poly-Triplex liner that is bonded to the host structure is well able to withstand hydrostatic head pressure from groundwater infiltration.

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Poly-Triplex improves the efficiency of wastewater systems by permanently sealing fissures within the walls of the structure and stopping groundwater from entering the treatment system.. Installation takes only hours and a single crew can line 2-4 manhole structures per day.
The Poly-Triplex system provides the most value-engineered product in the industry with an engineered service How expectancy of 100 years.

Manhole Rehab LiningPump Station Rehab LiningCulvert Rehab LiningSewer Pipe Rehab LiningStormwater Pipe Repair
Catch Basin Rehab LiningIndustrial Exfiltration ProtectionEnvironmental